The story of Mila was inspired by my own Shih Tzu, Mila.
Mila will be 5 in December, and for the life of me, I have never seen a more human acting dog.
I’ve had two other Shih Tzu’s in my life and a golden retriever. But Mila, she is special. Her communication, her look, her moods.
She anticipates all my behaviors. But the most human behavior of all are her hugs. She once jumped up my lap, which she always does.
But this time, she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me the most human hug that lasted for more seconds than you could imagine.
It was around then that her story popped into my head, and I thought: what would she be like if she were human?
And she has remarkable agility when it’s come to playing with a ball. I told her she’d make a great shortstop of she were human. And its all in the book.

About the Book

When Matt was a young boy, his mystically powered grandfather granted him three wishes, and applied the first wish for a dog. Being a bored-in-life accountant, he was ready for another dog and acquires a Shih Tzu puppy he names Mila.

He often tells her he wishes she were human on how fun it would be to have conversations. One night in a dream, his grandfather appears reminding Matt he has two more wishes. Read More

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About the Author

Mark Stephen Levy made adventure travel to off the beaten path places in Asia routine, while maintaining his home base in Denver.

Three of his books were inspired by real moments captured from his travels. But the pandemic being what it is, grounded Mark and the rest of the world.

His dog showed him some new tricks that inspired the first novel that’s not a lofty travel epic but a simple story of a guy and his dog and plenty of imagination.